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The member can choose the notary of his choice. If the notary is not part of the COOP, we will provide him with all the information necessary to join. On the other hand, very few members want a notary in particular. They are much more influenced in his choice by the advisor at the caisse.

We will first contact the client to suggest a notary who is a member of the COOP.  If the client still wants his notary, and he does not want to join the COOP, we will contact the caisse to transfer the file.

Indicate the “Coopérative de notaires du Québec” as the choice of notary in AFH. If the client member wants a specific notary, put the name of the notary in the “MEMBER’S NOTARY” section. The COOP will contact the notary to invite him to join if he is not yet a member.

This solution targets the financing and refinancing of single-family properties, condominiums, vacant lots and multi-dwellings of six (6) units or less. The COOP can also process transfers between members.

When the disbursement is requested, the COOP will email the caisse a payment request (invoice) for its fees and disbursements. Whether the payment is due by the caisse or the member, the caisse must pay for and on behalf of the member the invoice. The caisse must click on a link in the payment request email to demonstrate that it has paid the amounts due.

As soon as the request for payment is sent to the caisse, the COOP sends a copy of the invoice to the member.
The Cooperative will manage the receipts like a notary’s office, by requesting the statement of account from the former creditor, and by requesting the statement of account via Telus. The Coop undertakes to reimburse and publish its receipts.
The COOP facilitates the work of advisors by managing the notary relationship, offering uniformity in the processing of files and often offering faster support. In addition, the Cooperative offers, at no additional cost, to customers a remote service with the technological act, which allows us to offer a practical and faster service! Fees and charges are the same for all funds.
  • They are part of the cooperative principle.
  • A cooperative is an economic model that must be profitable.
  • A cooperative operates for the benefit of its members.
  • The profits generated by the activities of the cooperative are distributed in the form of a dividend, the equivalent of a dividend to shareholders
  • Rebates are voted on at a general meeting where each member is entitled to one vote.
  • Member notaries will receive the declared amounts (voted rebates) at the annual meeting.
  • The Cooperative of Quebec Notaries is exclusively managed by notaries.
  • The notaries on the Board of Directors are appointed at a general meeting for a term of 3 years.
  • The COOP has a general manager.
  • Under the general manager, the entire structure of employees is defined. All employees are trained and
    specialized to carry out the work of the Cooperative. Notaries, collaborators, telephone operator, managers, IT and communication director, accountant and secretaries, people for customer service, marketing and advertising, sales representatives, and computer technicians, programmers are COOP employees.
  • She regularly adds new people.
You can communicate with the COOP either through the notes tab in Telus or access the section Contact-us