Benefits for lenders

Turnkey service

At the COOP, we work with you. From receipt of the file to the final report. We’re here to make your job easier.
A single point of contact for all your questions and
the follow-up of your file: 514-524-4900 / 1-844-524-4900

More Benefits!

Simplified and centralized process in all checkouts

The production of your files is consistent for all the funds. This allows us to offer scheduled appointments within a reasonable time frame. No need to wait 1 to 2 months to go to the notary! What an advantage to offer fast turnaround times to your customers!


The training of our staff and the expertise of our team in mortgage refinancing ensures rapid and high-quality execution of files.

We are an ASSET for you!

With our fixed and attractive prices as well as our fast service, we are part of your competitive global offer setting you apart from other institutions. Your member’s file can be signed remotely at no additional cost.


Our methods are creative and on new technologies to propel the notarial profession into the future. Innovative solutions adapted to new market realities!

We are available at all times

A single point of contact, with a growing team to serve you!
Tel.: 514-524-4900 / 1-844-524-4900 /