Benefits and Prices

Competitive Prices!

Refinancing for Desjardins members (Through electronic signature or in-person appointment)

$1171.60 (ATI)

(due to government fees and inflation, prices are subject to change)

For all your inquiries and follow-ups, contact us at: 514-524-4900 / 1-844-524-4900 /

More Benefits!

Turnkey Service

The Cooperative takes care of the mortgage transaction and finds a notary for the Desjardins member.

Rapid Processing Times

Quick turn around and timely appointment scheduling. No more month-long waits to see the notary.

Sign Your Mortgage and Transfer Your Property from the Comfort of Your Home

Our solutions are tailored to market demands – Free electronic signature option for remote signing.

Over 300 Notaries Across Quebec

Are now members of the COOP and available to provide service without delays!

Unique and Competitive Prices Across Quebec

In 2021, thanks to the COOP, Desjardins members saved on average more than 35% in legal fees.

A Single Point of Contact for All Your Questions and Follow-ups