About Us

Un groupe de notaire travaillant ensemble dans une même coopérative


The Cooperative of Notaries in Quebec, commonly referred to as ”the COOP”, operates under the governance of the Cooperatives Act. It was established following extensive discussions with Desjardins, who sought an alternative solution for its mortgage refinancing needs. After engaging with various suppliers capable of processing mortgage deeds at a fixed, consistent price throughout the province, Desjardins chose the Cooperative as the best fit for its mission and cooperative principles.

This solution was the result of collaborative efforts over more than three years, with notaries and Desjardins contributing their expertise and financial resources to develop an innovative approach that aligns with notarial values. This centralized strategy enables the Cooperative to operate more cost-effectively, benefiting all interested Desjardins members. Notaries who are members of the Cooperative continue to serve as legal advisors, strengthening the notarial profession while achieving cost savings.

For any questions or file-related inquiries, we offer a single point of contact and dedicated support at 514-524-4900/ 1-844-524-4900 / info@coopnotaires.com